underwater portal (no return version)


Mysterious voices on the beach lure you to a mystical underwater portal.

In this sequel, it gets even deeper, darker, more cinematic and more energetic.
The song has been completely reworked and takes you into the depths of DarkWave, SynthWave, Industrial, Acid Trance and SynthPop in different versions.

The other versions you can find on “underwater portal”.


versions – black pearls of the deep sea

The original version was released more than 20 years ago.
However, there were other interpretations lying dormant on airman’s hard discs. These have now been completely reworked with great attention to detail and distributed thematically across 2 releases.

No return version

In order to achieve a more modern and powerful dark sound, airman has completely emancipated itself from the sound of the original. With a basic framework of guitar-like sounds and eerie synths, airman draws a mysterious deep sea. The rhythm here is brute and the main melody is shifted into the melancholic by a distorted, floating synth sound.
Images of creepy creatures in the deep sea may appear in your head, which can only be seen at the last moment.

In the music video, this eerie mood is supported by many black and white sequences.

303 dancing bubbles

At the time of its creation, airman was experimenting with the Propellerheads ReBirth RB-338, a software version of the legendary Roland TB303. The characteristic sound of this instrument is certainly very influential here, but it is powerfully supported by modern sounds.

VAINERZ hungarian Remix

The remix by VAINERZ is also danceable and very groovy. With great attention to detail, elements of the original have been dissected and skilfully transformed into a massive synthpop version all of their own. An artist could hardly wish for a better remix and fans will certainly not be able to keep their feet still.

WEGA Remix

The Cologne-based project “Wega” has opened another portal in the form of a remix. Alexander Hardt, who is behind this name, has worked out this version in great detail and produced it in a more rocking and progressive style than the original.

As with many of airman’s songs, the soundscape is multi-layered and goes into great detail. Every time you listen to it again, you’re sure to discover something new.

Dive in and you’ll never want to go back !-)


In the live shows, this song has already been supported with impressive underwater shots. Audiences have repeatedly told us that this song creates a wonderful vacation mood.

For the release, these visuals were completely reworked and expanded for an elaborate music video.In this version, it is correspondingly darker and mysterious. To emphasise the mood, many sequences are in black and white and you would probably rather not encounter the creatures in the wild.
A breathtaking dive is therefore guaranteed.


Like a fish – in the water,
deep down – there’s a portal.
You’ll discover – a secret.
Dive down – to reach it!

See the light – if you are blind.
Open wide – your hopeful mind.
You`ll get closer – to the secret.
Glide down – to feel it!

Take strength – from your choices.
Believe – your inner voices.
You are part – of the secret.
Stay down – to keep it!

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Your composition sounds superb.

Thoughts Words Action

So, I really like your sound and I am really connected to what you are conveying. And it’s a BEAT that leaves us in a very strong melody with something supernatural. I really liked the musical harmony, and your vocal, I’ve heard it other times, was amazing.


Fantastic work! The subtle shift towards EBM really contributes to a phenomenal underground vibe.


Amazing Track.

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