blue facets of life


“blue facets of life” – Life consists of many facets.
Some of them will be highlighted on this mini-album: It is about the manifold togetherness, about digital or mystical facets, life-shaping decisions or generally the question of what the future will look like.

This “blue” version is the first of two mini-albums. In this first one, the sound leans on electronic greats like Depeche Mode, Propellerheads, Daft Punk, Jean-Michel Jarre or Mike Oldfield.

Things get darker in “black facets of life”, which will be released later.
Both versions are to be released together on a CD with the title “facets of life (deluxe version)”.

the fun fair of life” and “geheimer service” have already been released as singles. New on this album are the mystical “underwater portal” and the 12-minute time travel epic “2to future”.

In “underwater portal”, mystical voices lure you deep into the water to a mysterious portal. They strengthen your self-confidence to make you the protector of the portal in the end.
Already released a few years ago, it has been new mixed for this mini album. Another portal in the form of a remix has been opened by the Cologne project “Wega”. Alexander Hardt, who is behind this name, has worked out this version in great detail and produced it more rocky and progressive than the original.
A single with many more electronic variations of “underwater portal” is also in preparation.

The epic “2to future” deals with the issue of whether a new parallel universe opens up when a decision is made and each then continues on its own path into the future.
To explore this further, space travel through wormholes might play a role, where time becomes relative and the question might arise whether one flies past parallel universes. Plenty of space for further philosophical speculation.
The 4 chapters of the journey extend over 12 minutes and can be comfortably experienced in an elaborately produced music video.
Embedded is the ingenious idea of Stephen Hawking to prove time travel by means of a party. In order to ensure that only time travellers can come to this party, he only invited people to the party after the party. So that they also hear about it, please forward this song to time travellers.


The sound on this mini-album is a mixture of synth-pop, break-beat, trip-hop and classic electronica. Since the songs have been in preparation for a while, it goes more to the roots of airman.
One lead sound on “2to future” is played with the wind controller that airman also uses to perform live. The invitation text, inspired by Stephen Hawking, is elaborately generated using a speech synthesiser.

music videos

There are elaborate music videos for all the songs. For “the fun fair of life” and “geheimer service” they can already be found on YouTube.
For “2to future”, there is a wild 12-minute space journey through our star system, galaxies and a wormhole to accompany this release.
Those who want to dive to the “underwater portal” will unfortunately have to wait until the release of the single.

Cover design
The “facets of life“ should be reflected in the cover. The idea was quickly born to depict these through a crystalline structure. Ideally, Stefan’s face should also be reflected in it. However, attempts with Photoshop were insufficient. So the cover was created with some research work in a 3-D programme. Due to the effort involved, however, the idea of integrating the themes dealt with
on the album as facets was discarded.
A modified version of the cover can also be seen on the “black facets” and in the music video of the song “go for” you can even fly through it.




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