underwater portal


Mysterious voices on the beach lure you to a mystical underwater portal.

In this chilled version, the sound is reminiscent of electronic greats such as Enigma, Propellerheads, Jean-Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield.

The dark and more energetic versions of this song you can find on the release “underwater portal (no return version)“.



In the live shows, this song has already been supported with impressive underwater video recordings. Audiences have repeatedly told us that this song creates a wonderful vacation mood.

For the release, these visuals have been completely reworked and extended for an elaborate music video. A breathtaking dive is therefore guaranteed.


You stand on the beach and listen to the waves.
Did you hear something else?
You jump into the water and then you hear it clearly: whispering voices.

You follow the call of these mystical voices.
They penetrate further into you and lure you deeper into the water to a mysterious portal.

The haunting words of the voices convince you and strengthen your self-confidence. They want to win you over as the protector of the portal.


The original version was released more than 20 years ago.
However, there were other interpretations lying dormant on airman’s hard drives. These have now been completely revised with great attention to detail and distributed thematically over 2 releases.

On the mini album “blue facets of life” the original „underwater portal (first cologne chapter)“ was re-released as a remaster in 2023, which is also included here.

If you have less time for a dive, you can take a short dive with „underwater portal (short dive)“. This can also be enjoyed dry in the form of a music video.

A completely decelerated and more chilled-out version is available with the “underwater portal (sirens calling version)“.
The chorus of sirens calls out seductively and you cannot escape it. Can you continue to protect the portal?

Last but not least something extraordinary is “birdhs space travel“. Designed to set the mood for the live events, this sound collage tells the story of the bird-man “birdh” travelling through time and space. After this journey, he then lands on stage at concerts as a real figure with wings and an oversized bird’s head with laser eyes – as an alien, so to speak. This concert intro is designed to last up to 30 minutes and is greatly condensed here with the “light speed version”.

The energetic and gloomy versions on the following release take things in completely different streams “underwater portal (no return version)“. Also included here are remixes by WEGA and VAINERZ, which take you into completely different depths.


The portal is musically created in an appropriately mystical way and the atmosphere is designed with oceanic sounds.

Throughout the song, the percussive synthetic marimba-like sound is characterized by an organic, flat choral synth. This unique sound was created with the legendary Roland JD800.

The assertive flute-like synth lead sound that airman plays with the fascinating wind controller is striking.

The big-beat, very detailed drum sounds are unmistakably inspired by Propellerhead.

The sound may be reminiscent of the X-Files intro song “Materia Primori” by Mark Snow, which was not the intention, but an influence can certainly not be denied.

As in many of airman’s songs, the soundscape is multi-layered and goes into deep detail. Every time you listen to it again, you are sure to discover something new.


Like a fish – in the water,
deep down – there’s a portal.
You’ll discover – a secret.
Dive down – to reach it!

See the light – if you are blind.
Open wide – your hopeful mind.
You`ll get closer – to the secret.
Glide down – to feel it!

Take strength – from your choices.
Believe – your inner voices.
You are part – of the secret.
Stay down – to keep it!


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