extraordinary instruments

airman is a multimedial performance with extraordinary instruments. Some of them are complety self-developed and thus unique in the world.

rose piano

A touch-sensitive instrument made of 8 real roses and with visual feedback. This instrument was developed by Stefan himself and is therefore unique in the world.

Each rose represents one note. The signal resulting from a touch is routed to an audio software in which any virtual instruments can be played. This instrument was designed for a piano sound, which led to the name “Rose Piano”.

If a rose is touched, it is also illuminated individually from below. This gives the viewer a visual impression of which rose is being played on.

laser harp

A spectacular instrument made of laser beams that seem to come out of the ground and go to infinity. By interrupting the 8 beams, tones are played.

This laser harp is built by my own with very classic old school electronic parts like sensors, relais and mirrors. So it’s unique, not the latest stuff but a setup for stage is possible within a minute and it works very robust.
This is, of course, very important for hard touring. For such reasons, NASA, for example, also works with older and simpler technology, as it is often more reliable.

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music glove

The Music Glove is a data glove. Originally, it enables orientation in virtual cyberspace through movements of the hand and fingers. airman is using it to control the throat singing of a virtual Tibetan monk.

airman Wind Controller

Wind Controller

A wind controller is modelled on the way a clarinet or saxophone is played. The resulting control data can be used to control any electronic sound.

wii controller

Originally intended to control the Wii game console, it is used here in a modified form to control music software. Primarily, airman uses the Wii controller to influence several effects simultaneously.


Originally, the reacTable is a real round interactive table. A projection can be seen on the tabletop. Cubes representing audio objects can be placed on it and thus gradually arrange an audio performance.

The reacTable app for tablets also follows this idea.
With this app I arranged 2 versions of my song “softwar”.
This so-called “table” can be downloaded as a feature on the start page of the reacTable community and so everyone can arrange their own version of “softwar”. This has already been done by 25,000 users.


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