airman is the electro pop solo project with an innovative show by Stefan Vallbracht from Cologne, Germany.

airman delivers a straight palette of different electronic variations: You will hear SynthPop, Trance, Avantgarde and also driving Trip-Hop elements. But that doesn’t means Stefan Vallbracht hasn’t a central theme. All elements joining to a sound metting – sometimes with vocals – in an intelligent way.

Stefan Vallbracht, the mastermind of airman, doesn’t avoid inconvenience: Some songs are having very vanguard arrangements. The listener is diving into and dealing with the song. The manifold used sounds are taking the hearer to a journey through time and space – but never without a necessary dash of humour.

The songs are unmistakable influenced by Jean-Michel Jarre, Enigma, Yello, Air, Kraftwerk, Propellerheads and by the dark wave music of the 80s like Depeche Mode. But no doubt, Vallbracht goes a step beyond, is liberating from fixed patterns and blinders of electronic genres and is comparable with hard to classify pioneers like Björk or “The Knife”.

You can call this confidently ‘ElektroTranceSynthPop 2.0″.

airman is also a live event which is, because supported by video, lighting and theatre elements, an extraordinary multimedia stage performance.

On stage airman is performing in example uncommon instruments like a laser harp, wind controller, music glove, wii mote, computer keyboard but also show elements like ‘Birdh’ – the bird man, video and laser projections and a remote controlled virtual, tibetian monk. A team of developers are working on new, unique instruments and effects.