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Hello reader,
we are happy to welcome you aboard again.

It has been an incredibly long time since you received a newsletter from airman.
Across the world happened a lot and I hope you are well and have come through it all reasonably well.

newsletter system has been reworked

Agreed unfortunately sending newsletters was out of my scope since years. It is a time consuming job.
But to optimise it and keep you up to date I remixed the newsletter system completely.

Since years on Patreon, partly in the social networks and since the beginning of this year on the web site I posted from time to time some smaller news about the latest activties. Some examples you'll find below. With the optimised system you'll receive these automatically via email now.
If you are not interested in these smaller news and prefer the more seldom newsletter only you can always select your news preferences.

releases in 2022

During the last years I worked very hard to prepare new releases. This will be a firework containing several singles, mini albums, a lot of viedeos, merch, etc. and will be launched in the beginning of 2022. A sneak preview of some cover arts you will find in the audio section of the web page.
I hope that it will be easier to be on stage soon. I prepared some nice new show elements and a new incredible instrument using real flowers...
I'll keep you posted.
blue facets of life

crowd funding at Patreon

In the news section of the web site you'll find a lot of informations you might have missed.
To move airman to one own's two feet you can support airman at Patreon. Crowd funding for an amout of a coffee - and you'll get song downloads, more infos and details from the cockpit.
For this reason some of the news can be read completely just for Patreons only.

please recommend

It will be a thrilling 2022.
So if you know someone who might be interested in airman as well, now would be a good moment to forward this email to him/her. Many thanks.

data privacy

For sure you know data privacy is very important for airman which can be found in songs as well. So just for the sake of completeness: All data you gave for this newsletter are deleted completely on the third party service and are now GDPR compliant safe on airmans web server which is based in germany.

and now please enjoy the latest news:

web server moved

web server moved
To speed up the web page and to optimise other things I had to move all web pages to a new web space provider. It was some work but it run very smooth and the downtime of the pages were minimal. Now the pages are very fast and it is a lot of fun to surf through the pages which …

Fun Fair costume updated

Fun Fair costume updated
With the help of my Thread Goddes Ela the Fun Fair costume got an update. Now the batteries are having a better place and a bigger screen can be placed into the hat. I created also the video for the hat screen and optimised the playback. On stage everything has to work easy and fast. Now I can start the …

cable madness

cable madness
I wanted to record the music video for “fun fair of life“ and then just found these unconnected cables. Damn. It took some time to find out what originally the solution for power was and which cable should be connected how... Another thing where you could notice that the whole project is a bit mad ;)

Green Screen for videos

Green Screen for videos
First my idea was to keep the music videos simple. But airman projects are never simple. So finally I decided to add some performance to them where an also called green screen helps. The idea is that everything what is green can be replaced in the post production of the video. So if the background is green it can be …

Secret Persons

Secret Persons
Looking forward to introduce you to these persons. They know your number, always where you are and what you want!
More news you will find here:

Soon you will receive another short news.
Until then please stay healthy and enjoy the flight.

yours sincerly
airman crew

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